The risk controls applied by the Fund Managers are designed to reduce the effect of common risk events that are normally associated with real estate project equity investments, fixed income and alternative asset class investments.

  • The Real Estate acquired by the Fund will have significant equity positions prior to our involvement and acquisition regardless of if the asset is already fully developed or a Real Estate Development.
  • The Fund’s Managers have significant depth in all aspects of Real Estate. This includes, development, project management, construction, property management, leasing, rezoning and government negotiations.
  • The Fund’s hedge is a professionally managed low risk investment vehicle. The hedge being Canadian Principal Protected Segregated Funds. The Principal Protection applies to this hedge as this particular type of investment falls under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Life Insurance Act.
  • These Canadian Segregated Funds have a significant fixed income component as well as highly rated equity investments that are managed daily.
  • The ability to go into cash positions within the Canadian Segregated Fund is always at the Fund’s disposal. This makes the hedge extremely versatile.
  • The ability to go into many other fixed income and equity positions is also at the Fund’s disposal.
  • The Fund has a very experienced financial analysis team that will maintain a well balanced portfolio for the hedge. This team not only includes the Fund Managers, but also the Investment Advisors retained by the Fund.